Clearcut specializes in HOA & multifamily construction.

We have the ability to investigate, dissect and come up with clear cut solutions to your problems and we have the tools, resources, knowledge, manpower & experience to handle any size project.


Unfortunately, in today’s construction we’ve seen a rise in population. With that; also comes creativity on how to handle the financial pressures put on families with the increased cost of real estate. Because of this demand for housing, and the need to build homes at a lower cost, contractors are turning to unqualified subs, architects, engineers and designers.

Ultimately, the biggest problem is that multiple subs are hired and nobody integrates into each other systems. A stucco sub doesn’t worry about the deck coating. The deck coater doesn’t worry about the fascia or the rock, but all these exterior facades must be tied into eachothers systems to function as one whole, waterproof system.

Are you an HOA manager, board president, or just someone that lives in an HOA community that may have some construction defects? Maybe you see some cracked stucco or leaky windows and wonder what to do next? Most repair companies find a quick, cheap fix. It is merely a band-aid that is prolonging the damage and in most cases is just making it worse.

Clearcut can help you assess those damages and find a long term solution to the problem. We specializes in HOA, multifamily construction. We have the ability to investigate, dissect and come up with clear cut solutions to your problems from start to finish.

  • Inspections

    The project begins months before any hammer is ever swung. Clearcut’s well qualified team of professionals is here to help investigate the problem and find a clearcut solution.

  • Planning & Architecture

    Clearcut does not hire multiple subcontractors, we train internal staff to perform all details whether be roofing, stucco, rock, deck coatings, windows, even foundation seals. We perform all aspects of the job to ensure integration between facades so ultimately the finish product functions as a whole and lasts for years to come.

  • HOA & Multifamily Construction

    Clearcut specializes in multifamily construction, fixing these unfortunate low budget construction projects that are left to HOA’S to figure out how to maintain, manage and deal with these expensive and time consuming issues.

  • Projects big & small

    Do you have construction defects? Whether you’re dealing with window leaks all the way to the large scale construction projects, clearcut has you covered.

  • Financial Assistance

    Clearcut can also help find ways to finance these repairs and discuss these options with HOA board members and community members.

Why Clearcut?

We have the tools

We have the tools, resources, knowledge, manpower and experience to handle any size project.

Certified Experience

Over twenty years experience ranging from roofing and shingles to framing, exterior water intrusion, stucco repair, restoration and structural repair.

Work within budget

We take pride in finishing on time and within budget with a quality final product that will last for years to come.

Start to finish

Our number one priority is to relieve the stress and burden for the HOA board and management by taking control of the project from start to finish.

Licensed & Insured

Financially sound company with a proven track record. Fully insured and bonded.

Great Support

Fully staffed service department. Experienced, knowledgeable and ready to assist you.

Latest Projects

Client Testimonials

Throughout the project we found Clearcut’s project management team to be attentive and courteous. They listened to our needs and to the needs of our staff and then did what was asked of them. We first noticed this early in the design process and found it to be true all the way to the end.

Clearcut has worked with us to overcome the various project challenges and completed the job on time and within budget. Even upon completion, Clearcut has continued to be a valuable resource for us. We would highly recommend them for your upcoming project.

During the past seven years we have partnered on multiple facility renovation projects with Clearcut. The facility project was one of the more enjoyable projects. The project was located in the middle of the facility and presented many logistical opportunities. The project was completed three weeks early and under budget. As we continue our relationship moving forward it would be my pleasure to work with Clearcut.