Clearcut Building Solutions specializes in HOA / Multifmaily Construction

Clearcut Building Solutions is the number 1 multi-family repair contractor in the state.  Over the past twenty years multifamily housing has increased by 200% in the state of Utah.  This boom in multi family construction grew at a rate that was near impossible for contractors to manage quality. The result has been hundreds of communities with construction defects, leaking decks, faulty rails, cracked stucco, saturated siding, roof leaks, excessive settling and water intrusion.

We will inspect, dissect & restore your community back to what it should have been.

Clearcut Building Solutions specializes in multifamily construction, fixing these unfortunate low budget construction projects that are left to HOA’S to figure out how to maintain, manage and deal with these expensive and time consuming issues. We will work hand in hand with your manager, board and community members from start to finish.  We also have financing options that do not effect peoples individual credit. We will walk you through every step of the repair no matter how small or big the need is.

  • Inspect & Dissect

    Clearcut can help you assess those damages and find a long term solution to the problem. We specializes in HOA, multifamily construction. We have the ability to investigate, dissect and come up with clear cut solutions to your problems from start to finish.

  • Projects Big or Small

    Do you have construction defects? Whether you’re dealing with window leaks all the way to the large scale construction projects, clearcut has you covered.

  • Insurance Experts

    We understand insurance! We have trusted relationships with every insurance company that will allow us to work hand and hand with you and your insurance company to ensure a smooth process.

Whether your commercial, multi-family renovation project is a few thousand dollars worth of work or a few million, we have the answers for you.

Call us 801-394-3242 or fill out the form below and at a moments notice we can have a team of experts and professionals to assist you.

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