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Clearcut Exterior Solutions specializes in exterior construction defect repair, construction problems, water intrusion repair, and remediation along the Wasatch front in Utah.

Experienced Construction Defect Repair Specialist

Construction defects are typically design flaws and building mistakes done during the construction of the building. The most common tell-tale sign of exterior construction defect is water intrusion, moisture intrusion, dry-rot and mold growth. Construction defects reduce the value of the home or building, and in some cases can be dangerous for occupancy. From a variety of different factors, like poor workmanship, inferior materials, and lack of proper waterproofing in protecting the building’s exterior envelope, this problem has become wide spread over the past 15 years.

Why Choose Us for Construction Defect Repair?

Clearcut Exterior Solutions has assisted and helped many homeowners, community management groups, property management firms, HOA boards, and committees with building envelope repair issues due to water intrusion, or water damage. Clearcut also assists with remediation with restoration steps, explaining the process and the outline and execution of necessary repairs due to water intrusion, moisture intrusion, and construction defects.  Siding or stucco repair and replacement, windows replacement, waterproof decking systems, roofing, water intrusion repairs, and construction defect repair on residential homes, multi-family units such as townhomes, condominiums, and apartment buildings is another one of our many specialties we provide. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.

Do you have construction defects?

With such an incredible recent home building boom here in Utah builders and contractors have been more concerned with timelines of project finishing, and coming in under budget with low grade materials and labor. The integration of critical waterproofing steps and details not done, building codes not followed, and non-compliance with manufacturer guidelines of installation protocols have created this problem. The end results are windows leaking, water intrusion, mold, dry-rot, construction problems, wasted materials, resources, time, energy, money, and a great deal of frustration. Construction problems and construction defects could have been avoided had builders focused on quality materials, detailed flashings, workmanship, and protecting homeowners from leaking windows, water damage, water intrusion, moisture intrusion, and building homes and structures correctly with simple exterior envelope waterproofing measures.